Summary: A new study sheds light of why 97% of Americans get less than 30 minutes of exercise a day: their DNA.    

Hate to exercise? A new study out of the University of Missouri may explain why. The motivation to exercise (or lack thereof) may actually be cast in our DNA. At a time when American workers lack the time to exercise and may also lack the desire what is the answer? TrekDesk Treadmill Desk offers an alternative solution to the problem.


Inactivity Tied to Genetics
A vast majority of Americans now get less than the federally recommended minimum 30 minutes of daily exercise. The reasons? An increase in the amount of sedentary job duties certainly is at the top of the list. A lack of time is the reason most Americans cite along with a lack of motivation. Professor Frank Booth of the University of Missouri maintains that lack of motivation may be genetic. “We have shown that it is possible to be genetically predisposed to being lazy.”

His study published in this week’s American Journal of Physiology found a genetic link in lab rats that led to “lazy” or “active” behaviors. “We have shown that it is possible to be genetically predisposed to being lazy,” Booth said. “This could be an important step in identifying additional causes for obesity in humans, especially considering dramatic increases in childhood obesity in the United States. It would be very useful to know if a person is genetically predisposed to having a lack of motivation to exercise, because that could potentially make them more likely to grow obese. Out of more than 17,000 different genes in one part of the brain, we identified 36 genes that may play a role in predisposition to physical activity motivation.””

This study also has important implications in light of recent considerations of charging obese individuals more for products ranging from health care to airline tickets.

“Other studies have already shown that obese parents pass on a genetic predisposition for obesity to their offspring,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. “More than a third of American adults are obese so intervention is mandatory not only for the overall health of the nation today but for future generations as well.”

Behavioral scientists have known for decades that the best way to change a behavior is to change the environment that causes the behavior. In this case a lack of exercise could be remedied by introducing environmental changes that encourage activity.




Summary: More sitting leads to health problems that cannot be undone with a pre-work visit to the gym. Our bodies crave movement at the cellular level. TrekDesk helps employees stay healthy by moving through the day.

A study published this week in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academies of Science” has found sitting for prolonged periods reduces the amount of cellular mitochondria and warns of its ill health effects on individuals. TrekDesk treadmill desks may represent a response to reverse the process, allowing employees the opportunity to walk slowly while they work, restoring health and boosting mood and productivity.

The study found that two genes are directly associated with a protein referred to as AMP-activate protein kinase (AMPK). Amp is involved in a variety of beneficial processes in the body and is turned on when the body is in motion. Conversely, inactivity shuts off AMPK causing long term ill health effects.

Sedentary lifestyles, the researchers found, actually make normal AMPK defective resulting in lowered levels of mitochondria in the muscles. This lowers the muscle cells’ ability to burn sugars for energy and results in a multitude of health problems over time including diabetes, heart disease and obesity.


Sitting Reduces Number of Mitochondria in Cells

Previous studies have shown that increased levels of exercise, such as walking, increase the number of mitochondria in the cells. "When you exercise, you get more mitochondria growing in your muscle. If you don't exercise, the number of mitochondria goes down," stated researcher Gregory Steinberg of McMaster University.

Apparently inactivity is self perpetuating, the more we sit the harder it becomes to restore health. The study has serious implications for employers and employees in sedentary occupations alike. "As we remove activity from our lives due to emerging technology, the base level of fitness in the population is going down and that is reducing the mitochondria in people's muscles. This, in turn, makes it so much harder for people to start exercising, " according to Steinberg.

“We have already learned that you cannot undo the ill effects of sitting through exercise before or after work. This study shows that our bodies need to be in motion through out most of the day and that more sitting leads to more poor health consequences,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desks.



Summary: Activity levels have dropped significantly in the past generation. Scientists realize that shifts in occupational environments are a major cause however recent studies show that a physiological component may also be at work.

Feeling lazy and unwilling to exercise? Scientists have discovered it may not all be blamed on a lack of will power or environmental factors. Recent research published in the FASEB Journal suggests that the will to exercise may be increased pharmaceutically someday based on a hormone found in the brain known as erythropoietin (Epo). TrekDesk treadmill desk offers a unique solution to this problem today.

Get Out of the Chair To Boost Energy Levels
Swiss researchers found that elevating the levels of Epo in the brains of mice increased their motivation to exercise and stay in motion. Rising rates of obesity and inactivity have launched a series of studies searching for a pharmacological answer to the solution. Swiss researcher Max Gassaman offered a unique insight into the potential of this new discovery. "If you can't put exercise in a pill, then maybe you can put the motivation to exercise in a pill instead," said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. "As more and more people become overweight and obese, we must attack the problem from all angles. Maybe the day will come when gyms are as easily found as fast food restaurants."

“We agree that science should attack the problem of obesity and inactivity from all angles but a simpler solution exists today that can reverse these health challenges,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk.

“We did not have an obesity and inactivity epidemic prior to the 1960’s. The change in work environments and lifestyles have put us on this current path of ill health. Re-engineering these environments with solutions that encourage movement is a much safer, natural, efficient, cost effective means to turn the health of the nation around.”

One solution is allowing employees to walk while they work. TrekDesk treadmill desk pioneered the idea of offering an affordable treadmill desk that would keep individuals moving throughout the day at slow speeds, mimicking the activity levels of previous generations.

“A body in motion stays in motion,” stated Bordley,“ and TrekDesk treadmill desk offers a solution that does not require will power or extra time out of the day. We would argue that it is a superior alternative to drugs in combating our nation’s current obesity levels and related health problems.



Fitness trainers, frustrated by clients that complain about not achieving the physical gains they desire, have a new tool in their arsenal: the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk.


Fitness Trainers

"One of the largest challenges facing fitness trainers centers on what their clients do after their session is over for the day," states TrekDesk CEO Steve Bordley. "It is difficult to achieve a high level of fitness in 30 minute sessions, 3 days a week. Because of this we have seen a sharp increase in interest from fitness trainers in the TrekDesk."

Ron Deangelo is the Director of Sports Performance at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (one of the most recognized experts in physical training, handling many NBA and NFL All-Stars in his illustrious 20 year career).

Interviewed by ABC News Pittsburgh (WTAE) regarding the TrekDesk, he cited the problems employees and athletes alike encounter sitting for prolonged periods each and every day, "they end up getting cemented into those positions, so the hip in particular is usually the problem." Ron noticed an immediate difference with a previously desk bound tri-athlete client using the TrekDesk: "As soon as we got him up and moving (with the TrekDesk) he made huge, huge strides."

"TrekDesk is very popular among trainers, tri-athletes and runners," stated Bordley. "They often grasp the concept quicker than the general population that health is dependent upon movement but you don't have to be an athlete to walk slowly at your desk all day to reap the same benefits."

Designed to fit any existing treadmill, TrekDesk is an affordable, full sized workstation that allows individuals the opportunity to gain the necessary amount of exercise daily to maintain health, prevent disease, strengthen muscles, boost mood and productivity, without requiring additional time during the day or extra motivation.


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