Summary:  Want to boost your weight loss by as much as 43%? Drink your spinach.

Spinach for Weight Loss

Mindful eating is something anyone challenged with extra weight has heard about in the past. Use smaller plates with vibrant colors, chew the food 20 times, savor the smell and experience; all of these tips are useful but difficult for most with twenty minute lunch break.

Take heart. A new study out of Sweden’s Lund University may be the easiest short-cut to weight loss you will ever hear. Another reason to love the Swedes.

First it is important to understand there are two types of hunger: hedonic and homeostatic. Hedonic hunger hits with a vengeance and is responsible for most of the cravings experienced for less healthy foods. Hedonic hunger is what defeats even the best of intentions regarding weight loss resolutions. That craving for Ben & Jerry’s is called hedonistic for a reason folks, you just probably never knew the science behind the term.
Homeostatic hunger deals with the body’s drive for foods that satisfy actual energy needs. Think of it as that good voice in your head that reminds you to eat your fruit and vegetables.

The Lund study found that a spinach extract containing green leaf membranes called thylakoids reduced hedonic hunger by 95% in individuals and contributed to a 43% increase in weight loss over a 3 month period as well. Take that Nutrisystem!
Taking advantage of this discovery is simple and painless (unless you hate spinach). Just blend up some spinach juice in the morning before breakfast. The body’s production of hormones that control appetite wake up and fight hedonic hunger pains throughout the day and you don’t have to do a thing.

We are often asked if walking all day with one of our TrekDesk Treadmill Desks boosts hunger pangs and frankly we have found that the answer is different for everyone. Spinach juice however appears to be the equalizer if you are in the group that gets hungrier from exercise.

The study itself was an eye opener focusing on 38 overweight women for a period of 3 months. Half of the women were given a morning glass (with 5 grams of spinach extract) of green drink while the control group received none. Both groups were instructed to eat a balanced, 3 meal a day diet.

At the end of the study the control group had lost an average of 7.72 lbs, very respectable however the green drink group lost 11 lbs. Follow up interviews found that the thylakoid favored group did not experience any food cravings and found it was easier to stick to their 3 meal a day regimen. So, more weight loss and no hunger. Not bad.

Why does it work? What does it matter? No, just kidding. Satiety and hunger suppression is enhanced by the spinach extract because it is not digested as quickly as typical foods in the American diet. This slow digestion signals the brain that you are full and inhibits appetite  during the day.

So, keep the smaller brightly colored plates but remember to drink your spinach juice before you put anything on them in the morning.

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