As if we did not feel guilty enough already about exercise! Daily physical activity is critical to over all health. Taking a break of a few days it appears may not be in our best interest. Consistent daily activity is also critical. Studies show that skipping your exercise for two (2) days has an impact on your bodys ability to regulate insulin. Walking with a treadmill desk keeps you active without taking additional time out of the time or having to thing about it.

"The less efficient your insulin is, the greater risk you have of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and hyptertension," researcher David Kump of the University of Missouri-Columbia said.

"Insulin works by taking glucose, or blood sugar, out of the blood stream and into the muscle to be used for energy. Our research found that when the rats stopped running for two days, the amount of sugar taken into the muscle in response to insulin was reduced by about one-third."

Everyone is looking at the benefits of exercise, but we are looking at the consequences of stopping that exercise," Kump said. "People already know that exercise is good for them. This shows that within a very short time frame of inactivity, the insulin does not work as well and might have negative effects."

Consistency is the key in maintaining our health and how we lose weight. Walking with a treadmill desk offers a sure fire way of maintaining consistency.