Ever wonder which is better for your health, walking or running? The answer depends on a lot of factors including your goals, age, weight, and health.

One main distinction is that when running the body burns mainly sugars as fuel (carbohydrates) yet walking signals the metabolism to stop burning sugars and start burning the body's stores of fat.

Walking vs Running: Which is Better?
Running definitely is a greater boost for aerobic capacities however recent studies have shown that consistent periods of daily walking (such as that on a treadmill desk) can also increase aerobic ability albeit at a slower rate. Walking also has advantages in regards to wear and tear on joints, the impact is far less (especially on a treadmill featuring a "soft deck").

The answer then is to do both if you are extremely healthy and stick to consistent daily walks if you are not able to engage in running or your focus is on burning fat calories.

Treadmills are wonderful for both activities and a TrekDesk treadmill desk allows you to use your treadmill as a fat burning accessory during the work day with a conversion back to a running treadmill rather easily after work.

In case you were wondering, cycling burns anywhere from 2-5X fewer calories (than running) per mile since it is not a weight bearing exercise. Additionally you don't receive the same level of muscle and bone benefits provided by walking or running. Not that we are against cycling, it is better than many other exercises, just not as efficient as running or walking.

So start using a treadmill desk. Say goodbye to the weight and lose your health problems as well. Don't rush things, stay dedicated and the fat will disappear as your energy levels increase.