It has been my pleasure to be one of the initial guinea pigs for the idea of incorporating a universal fitting work station/ treadmill desk with my home office treadmill. It made sense to me that walking at a slow speed while working could help my back strengthen and help me lose weight so when this opportunity came along I grabbed it. My results so far are very encouraging and I am anxiously awaiting the final production models of the TrekDesk treadmill desk.

For now my prototype is attached to a Nordic Track Commercial 1500 that I bought new at Costco for $800. It has had some kinks to work out but like all things Costco the warranty is excellent and Icon (the manufacturer) responded immediately to a noisy back roller. I have seen some preliminary designs of the TrekDesk and can't wait to add the finished product to my Treadmill.

Back to my story, I am in my 50's, suffer from back issues and neuropathy in my leg from an accident years ago that left me in a wheel chair for more than I care to remember. Good news is I am now ambulatory, bad news is I have a lot of work to do to get in shape. I think a treadmill desk can help me get there faster.

I have enough tasks to take care of throughout the day (being a single Dad with three children to raise) than to worry about when I can find time to hit the gym for the often referred to (rarely realized) time for myself so a treadmill desk appeals to the part of me that does not have enough time in the day.



Time Management: Walk While You Work

I have tried the gym routine before mind you. Found baby sitters and rushed off to the gym only to wait in line for a treadmill to become available. In the end the only exercise I got were those doomed to failure and over the years the pounds were packing on consistently and my resolve was weakening. Plus, after completing my daily tasks I was losing motivation to do anything but plop down on the couch and watch the next episode of The Office.

I found myself falling into the same trap we all do. Telling myself that it is genetic or that age has its price. But I also found that I was lacking the energy I needed to really enjoy my children. That, and my daughters constant Buddha belly patting had me motivated to show her that her old man still had some resolve and discipline. Treadmill desks are a blessing for people like me.

The TrekDesk treadmill desk has changed all that for me. I walk while I work and at the end of the day I have burned anywhere from 800 to 1400 calories. Do the math, as long as I do not eat more than I always did I am losing between 1.5 to 2 pounds a week. For some reason I also find it easier to eat the way I am supposed to eat. May have something to do with a more positive self image or feelings of empowerment.

I am ecstatic about this because it has fundamentally changed my life, definitely my back! I have not had a back spasm since I started.

I find myself more alert, focused and energetic through the day and better yet when I am finished working I am ready for some fun with my kids. My cholesterol levels are dropping right along with my waist size and for the first time in a very long time I can see achieving my target health goals. I also notice that I sleep better at night. All of this is directly attributed to my treadmill desk.

Weekends are guilt free but with the new found energy I spend less time searching for excuses to sit on the couch and more time playing with my kids, which burns even more calories. For once, the vicious cycle is going in reverse. Funny that it took TrekDesk and a treadmill to make life feel less like one.

Bottom line, I am happier, more productive, healthier and a borderline Super Dad thanks to a treadmill desk.

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