It is estimated that nearly 20% of Americans suffer from allergies ranging from a mild inconvenience to a severe impact on their quality of life. Treadmill desks offer a means of battling those seasonal allergies that keep individuals indoors and away from exercise.



Avoiding Allergies with Exercise

Pollen, heat, humidity, air pollution, exhaust, all combine to make a walk for exercise an almost impossible task for many. The body senses these foreign invaders and releases antibodies to attack them which in turn causes the release of histamines into the blood. It is the histamines that trigger the runny nose, scratchy throat and irritated eyes.

Many individuals are forced indoors during the most beautiful months of the year as a result and over the years gain weight due to a more sedentary lifestyle.

Treadmill desks won't cure the allergy but they will stop the weight gain dead in its tracks. Employees can walk all day at work without sweating and gain more exercise than their cohorts that are able to jog during lunch.