It is estimated that 70% of medical claims are diet and exercise related meaning American's ill health and subsequent need for surgery is caused by poor dietary choices and the lack of sufficient quality exercise.



Surgery Unnecessary in Many Cases

Our accelerating health care crisis can be tied directly to our expanding waistlines with every state in the nation reporting obese adult populations ranging from 23% -37%. Alarmingly, childhood obesity is accelerating at an even greater pace.

Many studies have shown that moderate exercise such as walking can reduce the likelihood of contracting most diseases and thus greatly reduce the need for many surgeries. Walking also assists with weight and appetite control which in turn relieves symptoms.


The problem today is that most Americans walk less than 30% of the minimum guidelines for optimal health (10,000 steps per day or 5 miles). With a treadmill desk you will achieve these minimums within the first 2.5-3 hours of your work day, without sweating.

Walking on treadmills has also been shown to assist in recovery after surgery, even lessen the negative effects of chemotherapy. It is important that you first consult a physician to determine that using a treadmill desk is appropriate for your current condition.

Obesity is the leading risk indicators for the top three diseases that plague our nation (heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer). Walking has been proven to drastically diminish your risk of contracting these and many other diseases. So, get out of the chair and restore your health with a treadmill desk.