“All businesses with sedentary workers should allow employees to use treadmill desks,” stated former Mayo Clinic CEO, Denis Cortese in an interview with HealthLeaders Media  this week. 

Now a director of Healthcare Delivery and Policy Programs at Arizona State University Cortese expressed first hand knowledge of the effectiveness of treadmill desks having used one for more than a decade (before they were commercially available). “It’s a great way to get steps in for your daily routine, it relieves stress and keeps phone calls short,” he related.

“Arizona State University is one of dozens of universities across the country using TrekDesk treadmill desks in studies and/or for general use on campus,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. “While the concept was once considered a novelty, the science behind walking and working is becoming more mainstream and accepted in corporate and scientific environments.”  

The HealthLeaders article went on to point to studies by the Mayo Clinic and the University of Maryland which showed radiologists improved the accuracy and precision of reading scans while using treadmill desks. This coincides with other studies showing the ocular benefits inherent in consistent movement throughout the day. “The list of specific health benefits is extensive,” commented Bordley, “more and more studies are confirming that movement is critical to health and productivity.”


Radiologists: Improving Results Shown with a Treadmill Desk