Exercise Not Enough for Sedentary Employees, Continual Movement is Essential to Overall Health Study Finds

A new study from Finland’s University of Jyvaskyla’s Department of Biology of Physical Activity confirmed a growing body of evidence that exercise alone cannot undue the health damages of sedentary office environments. The study confirmed that the critical health component of any employer’s wellness campaign should be targeted toward decreasing the amount of sedentary hours during the work day. TrekDesk Treadmill Desks were designed specifically for this purpose.


Corporate Gyms Are Not Enough

Although regular exercise has well defined and chronicled health benefits, prolonged daily sedentary periods cause a number of major health risks despite previous physical activity during the day.

The Finnish study measured muscle activity in adult males and females, measuring muscle activity and heart rate during exercise and non-exercise periods. Study results uncovered that 30 to 150 minutes of exercise increased energy consumption but did not decrease muscle inactivity during the non-exercise periods of the day. Researchers also discovered than muscles remain inactive on average 70% of our waking hours, irrespective of whether the day involved a period of fitness training.

Conclusions? The study authors stressed that exercise though critical to health must be combined with an emphasis on deterring the amount of hours spent sitting during the day.

“Muscle activity throughout the day involving major muscle groups is critical to overall health and mood,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desks. “Wellness programs incorporating exercise training for employees are important but if they are not combined with a plan to attack the health risks of an extended sedentary work day, their impact is limited at best.”