Though difficult to quantify there is no disputing that walking while working with a treadmill desk increases productivity by increasing an employee's energy level, mood, and long term health.

Much easier to quantify is the health benefit impact on American businesses. A University of Michigan study that found companies can save up to $5 in direct and indirect costs for every $1 invested in disease prevention. Treadmill desks are even more effective since they allow an employee to walk all day at work. Improved employee health also reduces absenteeism and increases worker productivity, according to the university's research. Another study by the Workplace Health Promotion Program states that the return is as high 10:1. There is strong consensus that the money is well spent.

Another study illustrated that employees who exercise just one day a week missed five fewer sick days annually than those who did not exercise. Treadmill desks allow employees to exercise continuously through the day enhancing health and productivity.


Productivity Increase Allowing Employees to Walk At Work

Obesity is one of the most pervasive health risks affecting Americans today and is also a multibillion dollar drain on the U.S. economy. Medical researchers, using prospective studies and national health statistics, put the cost of obesity at more than $100 billion annually.

This includes $45.8 billion in direct costs, such as hospital care and physician services-or 6.8 percent of all health care costs. Further, obesity costs the economy $18.9 billion a year for such indirect costs as lost output caused by death and disability from weight-related diseases. Treadmill desks could have a dramatic impact on this problem.

The number of work days lost to illness attributable to obesity amounts to 53.6 million days per year. This lost productivity costs employers an additional $4.06 billion annually.

A TrekDesk treadmill Desk keeps employees more alert, focused, productive and healthy at a cost much lower than our competitors.

If you are self employed consider this, you would need to spend hours at your local gym daily (after work) to maintain the level of fitness and weight loss delivered by TrekDesk treadmill desk during your regular work hours.