BEST DECISION I MADE! I have had this desk for a few months now and I LOVE IT! My office is situated so I have my trek desk and my normal desk - but I actually never use my normal desk anymore. My husband has a different model treadmill desk but even he prefers mine. I spread out when I work and I absolutely love the size and shape of the trek desk. If I don't want to walk for whatever reason it just becomes a standing desk. I have been walking between 5 - 10 miles daily and feel a million times better. I was starting to suffer from backaches etc sitting all day (I'm a writer so I am at my desk for hours). Several friends come over and insist on trying my desk - people think it'll be hard to walk and type at the same time - but it's not! It feels so natural and getting that left/right brain action going only helps, in my opinion. I truly believe treadmill desks are the best invention and want to get one for each of my kids too - start 'em all right while they're young.
- KG (Northridge, CA - Amazon 5 Stars)