SHOULD BE IN EVERY OFFICE! I invested in the TrekDesk August 2014, and while it took me time to adopt to a rhythm of using it, I found clear benefits from Day One. 1. I was no longer sitting at my desk for long periods of time with no movement 2. I was standing so had a different perspective of my working environment 3. My Shoulders and Lower Back no longer ached at the end of the day 4. My posture improved 5. My Attitude improved movement helped me feel more positive about my job 6. My energy increased, the more I moved the more energized I felt 7. My RA Symptoms (in combination with diet changes) improved 8. I now walk 5miles per day that I otherwise could not find the time to do 9. Improved my Motor Skills (who knew my coordination was so off) I chose a manual treadmill that was very low cost to pair with my TrekDesk, using a manual treadmill gave me more control and confidence that I wouldn't fly off the back and I believe it was a great choice. I am now on a campaign to get one at our Corporate Office for staff to experience for themselves.
- EK (Chicago, IL - Amazon 5 Stars)