I LOVE MY TREKDESK! As soon as I saw the TrekDesk online, I knew it was for me. I bought it immediately and my TrekDesk and I have been in love ever since I set it up, around two years ago. It arrived in perfect condition (the packaging is very smartly done), the quality is great, it was easy to assemble, and the desktop size is spacious. I wanted that spaciousness because I work from home and it provides room for everything I need. I will also admit that I've folded laundry on it, as well. I love the two cup holders that come with it. (There are also some additional accessories.) It fits really well with my treadmill and, having moved twice since buying it, I can safely say that the desk is easy to fold up, move, and then put back up. What takes some doing is moving my treadmill, which is a giant sized, heavy professional model, not a lighter home one. What I also like is that it still looks brand new, two years and two moves later. I place my treadmill and TrekDesk alongside a large window and the electrical cords go to one side, toward the wall with the window. I keep it close enough to the window that no one would walk along the window and so the cords do not get in anyone's way. This is a full-time desk for me, though sometimes I'm just standing, with the treadmill turned off. Originally, I mainly wanted to have a standing desk and thought the treadmill would be a plus. Originally, I was not certain I'd be able to walk and work (keyboarding) at the same time, however, I quickly found a speed that doesn't interfere with anything I want to do - it's like I'm sitting but much, much better. If the TrekDesk is for you - you know you want it and just want to be assured it is as it seems - I would definitely recommend it.
- CM (Phoenix, AZ - Amazon 5 Stars)