BEST BUY EVER! My wife and I bought a treadmill with the intentions of using it to keep fit. Well it ended up being used for a coat rack. My wife's sister bought a TrekDesk and showed it to us on a recent visit. She loves it. She is a real estate agent and uses her lap top a lot during the day. That is when we decided to get one. Our TrekDesk has been a blessing. My wife works from home via her lap top. Now she works while walking on her TrekDesk. She has already seen benefits like more stamina, losing some weight and more. When she is not using it I am on it surfing the web and checking email and definitely getting in shape. The TrekDesk is a great invention and I don't know how we got along without it. Thanks TrekDesk! Now I have to buy a real coat rack.
- ER (Amazon - 5 Stars)