I work from home and use my computer between 6 and 8 hours a day. Stitting, even in a good quality office chair, for all of those hours can be painful. Walking on my treadmill outfitted with my TrekDesk is simple, easy, and a much better way to work. I generally use the desk for half of my workday, walking at 1.0 mph and burn up to 600 calories during that time - 33% more than I would have burned just sitting. I've owned my desk for close to 2 years. The TrekDesk is well-made and sturdy. It's adjustable for height and folds up if you need to store it. No need to remove it to run on your treadmill, though - by buying a treadmill with the correct bed legnth like the company suggested, I can jog without breaking down my desk. The incline feature of the treadmill also works with the desk in place. The TrekDesk is a real solution to American's sedentary lifestyle and associated diseases. Buy one!
- HC (Amazon 5 Stars)