I had read about recent tests that showed that everyone (especially those of us with a desk job) benefits from standing instead of sitting for as much of the day as possible--way beyond what doctors would have thought, and not just related to weight and heart health, but overall health and many illnesses, even cancer. So I'd been looking for something for my home, where I work. When I saw this, I realized that this is the only way I'd have time to get the daily exercise that I need--it's free while I'm working! And when I'm not exercising, I'd get the benefits of a standing desk. These are two huge benefits! I am an engineer, and usually disappointed in the design of products. This product is well-designed and uses good materials. It is sturdy, and was cleverly designed to fit any treadmill--mine has arms which I need because I walk backwards on it sometimes for a certain knee problem. I can do this even with the TrekDesk in place (although not working, of course--"don't try this at home!") The accessories are well-designed and solidly built--I love them, and use them all and will buy more. They save lots of surface space, which is my favorite feature--the work surface is as big as a professional needs to get real work done. My "core stabilizer muscles", as a physical therapist once called them, are stronger--my back doesn't ache when I have to stand for a long time, and I no longer feel like I have to sit down and rest after being on my feet all day.
- AT (Monument, CO - Amazon 5 Stars)