I purchased a Trek Desk in early 2011 and have had a good experience with it I wanted to share. I’m a full-time law student and have worked a full-time and several part-time jobs through law school. Needless to say, I barely have enough time to work, study, and sleep – time for exercise is a luxury I’ve just not had for several years. I also suffer from chronic back pain from several athletic injuries years ago, which seemed to be exacerbated by sitting through class, sitting at work, and sitting at home while I studied. My only physical activity was walking from the parking lot to class each day. With the TrekDesk, I have been able to walk at a slow pace while I do work and study at home. There are days I walk miles without even realizing it. I’ve lost weight and significantly reduced my back pain. Because I can continue the school and work schedule I enjoy and keep my body moving at the same time, I would recommend the TrekDesk to anyone. I lost about 12 pounds originally and have maintained my new weight (I’m 5’5”, was 132 lbs now 120). I’ve suffered from chronic back pain for years, to the point sitting at work, standing, or walking would become uncomfortable after a few minutes. Once I started using the TrekDesk, my back pain was significantly reduced. I began sleeping better, feeling rested, and losing weight because I could burn calories and work at the same time. I like that despite my busy schedule, the TrekDesk gives me an opportunity to stand and move while doing computer and work tasks that normally require me to sit for hours on end. It’s my chance to move, stretch, and burn some calories while marking items off my to-do list at the same time.
- RB (Kansas City, MO-Amazon 5 Stars)