I’ve been using TrekDesk since April, 2009. I average about 15 miles a day on it and my record has been 21 miles in a day when I had a lot of things come up that demanded my attention at the office. Feel solid energy levels through the day after 6 month transition. Tone in legs. I feel better about myself. I don’t feel like I need to make time in my routine for exercise. The few times I actually run or hike, I feel somewhat in shape where I’m not struggling (even though I may not have run or hiked for months). It’s been a good product for me. I think it’s seen as a little fringe. People always seem amazed when they come into my office to talk with me the first time. Higher speed transitions get easier after the first year. It took me about a year to get comfortable handling my duties at 1 m/p/h before I started feeling like I wanted to go faster to be more comfortable. The increases to 1.5 m/p/h, 2 m/p/h and 2.5 m/p/h (where I am now) happened much quicker and easier. I have probably walked somewhere near 3,000 miles since starting in April, 2009. (My cumulative count was reset at 2,000 miles when I had to have a treadmill motor replaced so I haven’t tracked it carefully since that time and since I started increasing my speeds).
- KS (Boise, ID - Amazon 5 Stars)