I absolutely love my TrekDesk!! Set-up took my husband and I about 30-40 minutes (similar to other furniture assembly) so not complicated. Adjusting the height over my treadmill took us a couple of tries, but only because I wanted to ensure I was comfortable as this is my primary desk now. I work full-time from my home office and really enjoy moving while I am working. I've had a home desk job for over 6 years and this has been the best investment for my home office yet! I am an active individual (love to walk and run), but I suggest heeding their advice and take it slow when you first starting using the TrekDesk (since walking on a treadmill all day was a rather big adjustment even though I run 3-4 days/wk). It's amazing how tired I felt after the first few days of using the treadmill all day. The desk is stable, which as you will read in other reviews was a concern, but I find it comparable to any desk that has the capability of folding up (I've bumped it a couple of times and nothing has come crashing down-and I have numerous binders stacked on one side). I highly recommend this desk!!
- Nat (Amazon.com 5 Stars)