We have a support office for a large physician group. The office staff does credentialing, billing, accounting, coding. We also have a 24 hour call center. I am the Chief Financial Officer of the corporation but also a registered nurse. I was the first one to get a Trekdesk. After I lost 12 pounds, some of the women in the office wanted to use the desk. After sharing my desk for a month, I bought the second one. It is used by the credentialing department and the night employees in the call center. Now, the billing employees want one for their area. I have had a good experience even though it has taken time to figure out how to effectively use the desk for accounting work. I wish the desk was bigger. I have an ink jet printer on my desk because getting off and on the desk to retrieve copies, put checks in the large laser printer was a pain. The smaller printer has helped but it does not leave much room for the mountains of paperwork I use for accounting projects. I have learned to manage but it took some time. Writing is also a challenge but that has gotten easier with practice. Another feature would be to have an easy (or electric) height adjustment. Maybe this could be a higher priced option. We have tried the desk with a stationary bike and it works okay (except for the height adjustment issue). All and all, it is a great product and a good way for office workers to be more fit. I just wish I could convince all of the employees to make it part of their work day.
- S.H. (North Hollywood, CA -Email Review)