I love my TrekDesk. Since I hit menopause 5 yrs ago at 50, I've gradually added 30 lbs even though I eat moderately and extremely healthy. My problem is that I do software support in front of a computer all day. I also had some mobility limitation after multiple surgeries on my right foot because of a staph infection a couple of years ago. Since I work from home it was no problem to replace my old desk with a TrekDesk. I started walking on it about 7 hours a day a couple of weeks ago. I've lost 5 lbs, AND have found that the swelling in my foot has decreased. I have also found that the slow walking has increased the flexibility of my foot and minimized my pain. I was previously able to force myself to walk without a limp, but it hurt. I now find myself able to walk PAINFREE with no limp. THANK YOU !!! 'm most excited about being able to walk again... I was at a lure coursing event with my dogs today and one of my friends commented on the fact that I wasn't limping.... That part is nice, but the decreased pain is the REAL benefit. It's really wonderful!
- DP (Houston, TX - Facebook Review)