I did some measuring before I bought the desk and its a good thing I did. My treadmill is a higher quality that sits about 5-6 inches off the ground. Because it sits so high off the ground, I can put the desk on the lowest setting and it fits me perfect. It would never fit me if my tread was only an inch or two off the ground. Set up took me about 90 minutes. I have no spatial orientation and I go slow so I don't make mistakes. It wasn't difficult or too heavy for me to manuver once it was put together. I have no issues with the quality. I find it very sturdy. It's holding two monitors that are up on stands very nicely. You have to really push and bump the desk to get this thing to move. My goal in buying this was not to lose weight. I would love to lose the 10 extra lbs. but overall I am physically fit. I just don't like how sore my body gets at the end of the day after sitting all day and have always believed that Americans sit too much. I will update this after a few months after I've had some experience with it. Today is my first day in using the product. So far, I am thrilled.
- ChaChaGirl (Amazon.com 5 Stars)