Hi hope you enjoy the review. Read the Summary below to skip all my babble if you want to: BABBLE I'm typing this review while walking on my treadmill and using the TrekDesk. I use a desk top with a flat screen monitor not a lap top. Assembly was pretty easy. Took me about an hour. I'm very meticulous and never rush anything. Probably could be assembled in 30 mins or less by faster people who have better skills than me. This was one of the easier pieces of furniture that I've assembled. Most desks take me about 4 hours. The only bad review I've read about this desk is a doctor who commented on it's stability. Yes things do shake a bit especially for me because I have mine up stairs and the floor vibrates somewhat while you are walking. It would be more stable on a concrete slab foundation. The stability however is not an issue. My flat screen sits on it with no problem. I have my desktop on a filing cabinet beside the TrekDesk. The flat screen moves some, but your head is bobbing up and down with much more movement than the screen and the desk. So to me it is no big deal. I like to go about 2 mph. This is a bit fast but I can type and write on the desk with no problem. If I want to run I just pop open Netflix and watch a movie. No problem there. Nothing will shake off of this desk. I can run 5 mph with no problem and even faster. Just be sure not to fall into the desk while running fast :) The center cut out gives you plenty of room to move your arms while running. I do suggest having good speakers to turn up the volume while running fast to overcome the noise of the tread mill. Finally I can exercise while having fun on the computer. Sure if you buy a $6000 solid oak treadmill desk the desk will be solid and super stable. The 1/16 inches that the desk moves is no problem because your head moves while walking probably 6 inches or so. I can rest my arms on the desk. I have a keyboard, mouse, lamp, phone and I haven't knocked anything off the desk. The desk is great for the price. My treadmill has a funky u-shape on the front arm supports. I was able to unscrew the x-bracing and fit them through the u-shape arm supports and reattach the bracing. Very versatile design. I scooted the desk all the way up toward the treadmill control knob. I can reach over the desk and turn the speed adjustment with no problem. I had to raise the desk up to highest setting because my treadmill is about a foot off the ground. My arms rest at the same level as they would on a regular desk. The two cup holders are nice. I use one as a paperclip and pencil holder. They have build in trays for the paper clips. I'm sure they were designed for this on purpose. Very nice design. The desk has tons of room and the center cut out is what makes it awesome giving you room to run on your tread mill. For the money I don't think I could have gotten a better one. Others I looked at were $1500 to $6000 dollars. I set my monitor off center a bit so I could access the tread mill controls. The best set up would be a monitor stand behind your tread mill so you can see and reach all the treadmill controls better. I may do that later, but its not that big of a hassle to the control knob. I have plenty of room to sort my mail, pay my bills, talk on the phone, while getting some exercise. I can do two things at once. Very nice. The holes in the back of the desk are great for running your computer wires through and getting them out of the way. I had no problem getting my wires out of the way. I have 8 to 10 wires running off the desk. A+ design on this thing. They put a lot of thought into it. It seems very adjustable for almost any treadmill. Also folds up for storage and transport so you can move it to other rooms if you need to. They thought of everything. This is a great desk for the poor man that can't afford the $6000 dollar ones. I would have like to have paid about 1/2 price for it, but I figured $500 might prolong my life and put off that $100,000 heart surgery. That's 0.05% of the cost of a heart surgery. It's priceless. I usually just stare at the wall and walk a mile to get it over with. I've walked 1.5 miles while typing this review. It only feels like I've been on the tread mill for 5 minutes. It's a great way to get additional exercise. Don't let any bad reviews scare you. This is a nice product made of hollow metal tubing, metal plates, and the desk top is a high density plastic just like what your tread mill is made of :) The high density plastic is very strong and it makes the desk lighter. I can move it by myself. My kid's swing set is metal tubes with dense plastic. This desk is similar in durability to a swing set. It is a lot more durable than the cheap $100 pressed-wood desk I had my computer setting on before I moved it to the TrekDesk. Summary (if you don't want to read all my babble) -------------------------------------------------- Assembly - easy about 1 hour for me but I am slow and meticulous 20-30 mins for person with more skills Durability - high-density polyethylene desk top - light wt. and very durable Portability - light wt. and durable also folds up for storage. Could fold it up and slide it under a bed. Folds to 2-3 inches high for storage. Stability - plenty stable enough. I can rest my hands on it I have a flat screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, lamp, and phone on it no problem plenty of room. It moves a bit but you are moving much more than it is moving. Remember you are walking on a tread mill. Overall - fantastic design. The designer put a lot of thought into this desk. Plenty of room. I can do anything on it that I could do on any other desk. Type, writing, talk on the phone, using the mouse are no problem on this desk. I rest my arms on the desk to steady my hands while writing and typing. Exercise - I can use the treadmill the same as I always did. If I want to type on the computer I slow down to 1-2 mph. If I want to run I pop open a movie on Netflix and run as fast as I want to. Cons - None Thanks, Hope you enjoyed the review.
- Hall (Amazon.com 5 Stars)