"I saw the benefits of a trek desk on TV early in 2009 and waited patiently until the product was released and a few reviews had been posted. Then I took the plunge and made my own purchase. My job has me in a chair at a desk all day long and sitting for hours was killing my health. So, I hoped that the Trek Desk would be the remedy and I waited for a few weeks of use to write my review. I love my Trek Desk and it was worth the money. Here are the pros: 1) It's exactly what I had hoped for. I've gradually, day by day, transitioned the activities I did in my chair at my desk to my Trek Desk. But make no mistake, it is a transition to change those habits of where you "do your work". So, give it several weeks to get used to your new workspace. 2) In no time at all on a daily basis, without giving it a thought, I walk 3 miles and I'm in the middle of the work transition between chair/desk & Trek Desk. 3) It's a spacious work surface--I have my laptop, my monitor, phone, papers spread out and no shortage of work space. 4) It's easily moveable away from your treadmill(but a bit awkward to move by one person because its large). Here is the only con: Installation 1) Yes, installation was intimidating and the written instructions are not the place to start--watch the video. I asked my husband to put this together for me as a favor (because he is good at this kind of thing) and it still took him over 45 minutes. He watched the video twice and understood what he had to do. He wasn't at all confused, but it still took that much time to put together. 2) It took two of us to lift it up after installation and to easily put it in place--so call a friend over for assistance! I wouldn't have wanted to be lifting this myself. 3) You need space to put it together and maneuever the desk into position onto the treadmill. 4) When they tell you that you need a power screw driver/drillbit--yes, you do! Advice to become a happy trek desk user: 1) Expect that the first 3 days, you will spend time experimenting/adjusting it higher/lower as you figure out what works best for you ergonomically and for access to your treadmill controls. 2) I think it's unlikely that someone would instantly be able to shift 100% of his/her work from his/her previous work setting to the trek desk. Recognize that you are "breaking" old work habits and allow for a gradual transition. 3) I found, because I'm a bit clumsy, that I had to acquire some new habits of combining walking and working to avoid dumb outcomes (losing my balance!). 4) Some positions for me were awkward--if I'm walking forward, my work had to be in front of me (and not to the side). The desk is large enough that you could be turned to the side left or right, but I can't manage that unless perhaps I slowed the treadmill down. 5) I tend to get on and off the treadmill alot, so I need easy access to the pause button. 6) I have found it motivating to let the mileage accumulate on the treadmill display all day. Otherwise, I don't think I'd be aware of just how far I've actually walked."
- PB (Rancho Santa Fe, CA-Amazon.com 5 Stars)