"I did a lot of research on this because I really wanted to be more mobile during work hours. It literally is a "pain" to just sit all day. I found the Trekdesk but the product was not available for ordering (still in production). I checked other vendors, but I liked the Trekdesk design best. So I waited for Trekdesk to send out the announcement. I received my Trekdesk and used the Youtube video to help me put it together. It was a bit of a challenge -- but I got it done. The desk is huge! Trekdesk recommends you walk at speed of 1 - 1.5. Speed 1 was too slow, so I walked at 1.5 -- that was too slow -- so now I am at speed 2. I found that I can do all my normal admin functions, except when I need precise "mouse clicking action." I straddle the treadmill and then get back on. I had to keep changing my shoes to find a comfortable pair my feet could bear for the long walks. Then, I saw the ad for the Shape-Ups and had to drive all the way to San Diego, because no other local store stocks. They are comfortable and Skecher store has a 30 day return policy --can't lose! I love my Trekdesk! If you are working from home - it's a great way to work and burn calories! I would highly recommend it."
- CG (Oceanside, CA-Amazon.com 5 Stars)