"I bought a TrekDesk, have been using it for over two weeks and love it! I have had lower back pain for over 20 years and feel it gets worse by sitting all day. My company has a corporate wellness program and has been promoting "walking meetings", so when I learned about TrekDesk, I figured why not walk at my desk? I work for a commercial real estate company and in our environment, we are all in cubicles. When my TrekDesk arrived I bought a treadmill at Costco, went in on a Saturday with a buddy, removed my workstation desktop, wheeled the treadmill into my cube and then assembled my TrekDesk. The whole process, installing the treadmill and assembling the TrekDesk took just over an hour. The instructions were easy to follow and desk adjusted so that the ergonomics recommended were optimized for my computer setup on my new worksurface. There are 16 cubicles in my work area, so come Monday morning I was curious as to how my cubemates would react to my new setup. After everyone got over the novelty of it, we all settled back to our normal routines. The treadmill is quiet and has not disturbed anyone in my area. Have also found that walking at approx 1.5 mph is not a problem at all. Have settled into a program where I walk all morning and generally 2 - 3 hours in the afternoon. No problems wearing my comfortable (rubber soled) dress shoes.My back feels better, energy level is higher and my productivity is up. Only complaint I have is that I wish I had one 20 years ago!"
- RM (Phoenix, AZ-Amazon.com 5 Stars)