STABLE, EASY TO MOVE, EXTREMELY DURABLE,- LOVE IT! I've had my TrekDesk for over 4 years, and have used it almost every day since I got it. Except for one step where I needed an extra set of hands, I put it together myself with no problem. I've moved it several times from one room to another, and even to a new state. It's very easy to move: just fold it up, move it, unfold it, and you are ready to go. Note that it is BIG. There is plenty of room for my 3-monitor setup, with room to spare. My initial concern that my monitors might fall off the desk due to instability turned out to be completely unfounded. I've never had any problems with the stability of this desk. Since the height of the desk is adjustable, I've been able to use it both with and without a treadmill. When not using a treadmill, the desktop sits slightly higher than I would like, but the extra height gained by standing on an anti-fatigue mat helps. The desk looks and functions exactly the same as the day I put it together; it's extremely durable. I like the fact that I can use whatever treadmill I choose with it. I expect to get many more years of use out of my TrekDesk. The only con I can think of is that I have much less tolerance for sitting at a desk now. There have been situations over the last couple of years where I've had to sit at a desk or conference table all day, and by the end my back is killing me! I don't know how I sat at a desk all those years. Going from sitting all the time to walking or standing is an adjustment for sure, but after the first couple of weeks, you won't ever want to go back. Very highly recommended.
- (Amazon 5 Stars)