GREAT DESK! Got this desk a few weeks back. It's awesome. Be warned this is a HUGE desk. I have a spare bedroom as an office and I had to move my existing desk to accommodate the size of the treadmill and the desk together.I am now working most of the day on the treadmill. Its very very stable. Currently I have a desk phone, headset, laptop, wireless keyboard, track-pad, and a wireless mouse on the desk. I have an old Apple 23" HD Display that I put over the console of my treadmill. It balances perfectly, see photo attached. I would feel the size of the monitor would be too close if it were on the desk I have no complaints, I only have wishes. A few things I think they could improve upon is add a cable management system. Add the ability to mount a power strip and run the cables up a leg and thru the top of the desk. Another wish would be to replace the feet with some kind of wheels that lock. I'd love to be able to fold up my treadmill and push the desk over the top of the treadmill to save space when needed. Currently, I would have to drag the desk back, then fold up the treadmill. Lastly, they should offer a smaller size. Maybe 2/3rd s the size of this model, chop off one side. That would save a lot of space. Again, these are not complaints but suggestions for future enhancements.
- MB (Forestdale, MA - Amazon 5 Stars)