NOT PERFECT BUT VERY GOOD! Fantastic! I'd tried making my own walking/treadmill desk based on a photo and instructions I found on a blog, but it was wobbly to the point of distraction. I worried this would be too, but it's rock solid. I'm walking and typing now. Though I've only had the desk a few days now, I can already tell I'm going to love this! It went together fairly easily. The first step is to use these 4 long c-shaped "tubes" to connect the two pieces of the desk together. That has to be done on a flat, solid surface -- not carpet. The only such surface I had that was big enough was the kitchen floor. You need to line up the two desk pieces really well before screwing in the stabilizing "tubes" because there are no pre-drilled holes. You could theoretically have the two pieces misaligned or with a small gap if you're not careful. Also, one of the hinged pieces I got was bent, so the leg piece doesn't "snap" into position and stay there. I tried bending it back, but it's very stiff metal. I'm not sure whether there's a safety concern here, but now that I have the desk together and loaded up with my computer, I'm reluctant to take it apart to replace the hinge. I deducted a star for the bent piece, otherwise this desk is the bomb.
- KM (Amazon 4 Stars)