DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME WITH A TREKDESK! first used the TrekDesk when I was in an agency office, where they had one for everyone to use for an hour per day. It influenced me positively enough that now that I work from my home office full-time, I knew this would be the first thing I needed in my office. I've seen (and used) other models, "hacked" home versions, and they just don't compare. It's like anything else in an office, sure you can make a jumbled together version but having the real thing from the start eliminates frustration and sets you up to enjoy it out of the gate. I went to using a TrekDesk vs. other brands because my previous experience with them taught me they were solid, sturdy, and easy to use. Set up literally takes less than 20 minutes. It's helpful to have two people, but not impossible if you're on your own. I have enough space for my laptop, an extra monitor, my iPad, drinks, pens, notebook, keyboard, everything. I do not feel like it's overcrowded, either. One of the other reasons I like this desk is that I can still run without having to move it away from the treadmill. All of the controls are still within reach, too. It looks like it's expensive, but if you really want to do a treadmill desk the right way, it's a terrific investment. You'll spend half as much trying to cobble together something "that works" and then make adjustment. This desk gets it right the first time. I love it.
- AW (Atlanta, GA - Amazon 5 Stars)