GREAT DESK, WORKS AS DESCRIBED! Have been using my Trek Desk now for about 2 weeks. Really nice design and reasonably easy assembly. I am able to walk at a pace of 1.5 to 2, I am about 85% as efficient as sitting. But I am getting better all the time. Getting everything in place will help even more. I do wear my walking shoes, but haven't had any leg or foot issues. If anything my legs actually feel better. The stability is pretty good, one reviewer described how to install a separate board to add stability, will probably add this, but not to bad as it comes. But it does allow me to get exercise and that is the best benefit for me. I would recommend this to anyone needed to get some extra exercise. I purchased a separate screen support and works pretty good. My only request would be for the manufacture to provide some optional accessories for monitor , keyboard, and other options for shelf's or areas for more items.
- RW (Clarksburg, WV - Amazon 5 Stars)