WORKS GREAT AS PART OF OUR WELLNESS PROGRAM! I purchased to TrekDesk as part of our wellness program at work. We did not have enough in the budget to buy the models that come all together, nor did we have the space. However, it was easy to get a treadmill donated that was not being used and just taking up space in someone's basement. We were able to assemble the TrekDesk easily and set it up in a common area with a sign-up sheet. The desk and treadmill are used about four hours a day in 30 minute increments. Most people are walking at 1 mph. Most are doing reading for work or catching up on emails. Some have walked during long conference calls and say it helped them stay engaged in the call. Not only do the people who use the TrekDesk love it, other employees are proud to work for a company who would give this option to their employees to stay healthy and alert. Personally, I find that on days I will walk for 30 minutes, I am able to stay focused for longer periods of time and don't have sciatica issues at all.
- LP (Louisville, CO - Amazon 5 Stars)