GREAT QUALITY PRODUCT....IDEAL STANDING WORKSTATION! I ordered this from the TrekDesk website when Amazon was "out of stock" .. I use it with my Sole F85 Tredmill... The desk stands on its own "straddling" the treadmill "arms" and deck... I operate the controls by reaching over the desk to the panel. The controls on the treadmill arns are covered by the TrekDesk... I use the "kill switch" cord when working. Installation... The instructions were pretty clear... two of us worked on the installation. You do need an electric drill with a screwdriver head for attaching the parts as the screws must be drilled through the hard plastic. This is a quality product with molded receptacles to add future accessories ... The TredDesk comes with a 4-shel file stand and an angled manuscript stand... these both attach to the molded plastic inserts that lock into the desk top... Well thought out... I am thrilled ... !
- SM (Raleigh, NC - Amazon 5 Stars)