MOST COMFORTABLE DESK I HAVE EVER OWNED! I wish I didn't wait so long to buy this desk. It is sturdy and so ergonomically right-on. I can easily reach everything on my desk and it DOESN'T SHAKE! A friend of mine has a knock-off (not TrekDesk). Hers is shaky and she doesn't even use it anymore. I walk 2 to 4 hours a day. I'm burning hundreds of calories and walking 5 - 7 miles a day. I have a swivel barstool I place on top of my treadmill during my non-walking time. I swivel around behind me where I have placed a 6ft craft table for my printer and more files. There is plenty of room on the TrekDesk for those things, but I just like to spread out. My legs feel great, I sleep better and I don't fee guilty for having that glass of wine at night. It's a wonderful thing. I strongly recommend TrekDesk! Oh and customer service rocks.
- CS (Milton, GA - Amazon 5 Stars)