FAB DESK TO AVOID SITTING ALL DAY! I am loving my new trek desk! I am home-based and typically travel a fair amount but recently I changed jobs and the new job requires 12 weeks of home study. The thought of doing nothing but sitting for 12 solid weeks did not thrill me. I have a treadmill and thought there has to be a way and with a quick search on Amazon, ta da! I did not find the desk that difficult to assemble with the help of my teenage son. It took about an hour. It easily adjusted to fit over the sidebars of my treadmill. I am about 5'4" and with it set on 2 it provides a very comfortable height for a work surface. So far I have used both my ipad and my laptop while walking about 2 up to 2.5mph. I may hook up a monitor though and I feel like the desk will be plenty sturdy to support it. It is a very large work surface and I like the provided cup holders. I feel so much more productive and I don't dread starting my studying each day. I am fairly active and so I started with a several 30 minute walks throughout the day and within a week or so was doing 5-7 miles a day. Great purchase and I highly recommend it to all!!
- VJ (Murfreesboro, TN - Amazon 5 Stars)