HEALTHY SOLUTION FOR TECHNICAL WORKERS! I had wanted to order one of these desks since seeing a show (20/20 or something like it) where a doctor and his entire staff used treadmills while they worked and saw patients. I have a computer-based job at home and spent way too much time sitting in my chair. My days can sometimes go to 10 hours when busy and getting up to walk around regularly wasn't enough. I purchased this in September 2014 and am absolutely thrilled. This is an affordable option for me, since I have a treadmill and did not want to spend $1500 for some of the ones I see available. While I have not relly lost weight with it, I feel so much better. My blood pressure has gone down, though it was never high. I feel healthier. I walk rather slowly 1.5 to 2 mph), since I have to type and write, but it fits all my equipment and the sound does not seem to go through my headset to people on calls. I do find I am hungrier, but especially in cold weather it has allowed me to walk and keep moving. I have walked through my whole day which can be about 7 hours and find that does get to my feet. I wear running shoes for the cushioning and even with that, I feel somewhat sore in my feet. The days where I walk in 99 minute intervals (my treadmill shuts off after 99 minutes) 2 or 3 times seem to be the best option. I do take a lunch break and sometimes I just stand at my desk for periods of time. The walking does prevent back issues. I really thought my back might hurt spending work days walking on my treadmill and it is important to note that the act of walking prevents that. I really think this is a great solution for technical workers and look forward to getting my biometric screening done to check my levels and cholesterol and all that. My heart must be healthier. It was relatively easy to assemble and has been very sturdy. I am so glad I purchased this and recommend it highly.
- CF (Brigantine, NJ - Amazon 5 Stars)