THIS DESK HAS BEEN AMAZING, STARTING WITH THE EASY ASSEMBLY! I love that it's adjustable; one of my concerns as a tall person was getting a desk that would be uncomfortable to use because the height wasn't quite right. The work surface is huge, so I always have room to spread out my projects and even have a laptop open off to the side, in addition to my desktop computer. It's also nice and steady - even when I bump into it while walking, it doesn't budge. I walk while I work on average 3-4 hours per day, and have no trouble typing; on occasion I'll pause my treadmill, but I still prefer to stay put and work standing up. I've lost quite a bit of weight too, and love that using this desk allows me to combine work time with workout time, leaving me more time in the day to spend with my family. Best of all, I was chasing my toddler around a few weeks ago and noticed that I could keep going and going without getting winded like I used to, and I know I owe it to my time using the treadmill desk!
- RW (Niles, MI - Amazon 5 Stars)