After the first day of using my TrekDesk, I began sleeping through the night for the first time in over 10 years. If I happened to wake up, instead of lying awake for hours or taking sleeping medication, I would go back to sleep easily. Within a week, I noticed that my general mood had changed. I felt calmer, more content, and better able to handle stressful situations that arose either at work or outside of work. Within two weeks of using my TrekDesk, my nagging lower back pain disappeared. Within a month, my arthritic pain was not as noticeable and the “clicking” in my right knee disappeared. After several months of walking at my TrekDesk, I reached my goal of being able to walk at least one mile at work without becoming exhausted. After six months of walking, my family doctor told me that my resting pulse had decreased by 10 points. After a year, my blood tests showed excellent cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Finally, I no longer feel any guilt about not getting exercise, but I feel a sense of accomplishment as I continue to walk every day I am at the office. This is all quite a change from only four years ago when I had to rent a scooter, with some embarrassment, at Disney World because I did not have the stamina to walk around the park. Now, I would have no trouble doing so. Since December 15, 2009, I have walked over 1470 miles and have kept a meticulous record of my progress. I walk from 3 hours to 6 hours a day at one mile an hour with occasional breaks for meals and meeting with other employees in their offices. I am on and off the TrekDesk with my work and end up walking an average of 2 -4 miles in one day. One day I was shocked to discover that I had actually walked nine miles! Not bad considering that I am now 58 years old. I have been under medical treatment for osteoporosis for the last 15 years. Coincidentally, I had a routine bone mineral density test in November of 2009 to measure the relentless progression of this disease. That was just before I started walking at my TrekDesk. Now, two years later, I have just had another bone mineral density test which showed no change (no progression) in my condition. That was a pleasant surprise. Although I have never been a smoker, I was diagnosed with COPD and asthma three years ago. The latest breathing test also showed no progression in the disease during the last two years. I use my medication inhaler only half as much as I did two years ago. The concept of walking slowly during the day instead of sitting at a desk is an ingenious idea. My TrekDesk experience has been life changing and I have told everyone I know including all of my many doctors about my experience. I also show them a video clip on my cell phone so that they really understand what I am talking about. Recently, at a restaurant, one of my doctors saw me and actually called out asking how many miles I had logged so far. It does take some determination to make the transition from sitting at a desk to walking at one, but once it is done, it is easy to maintain. The miles just go by during the course of the day. I only wish I had been able to have a TrekDesk available to me many years ago.
- MR (Kingsbury, 5 Stars)