THE TREKDESK HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! That sounds cliche but I am serious. I have always been an active person but about 3 years ago I took a job that was much more sedentary and required that I sit at a desk for 6-8 hours a day :( NOT GOOD!!! When I had the opportunity to work from home about 6 months ago I jumped at the chance. The VERY first things that I did was buy a TrekDesk. I stand about 4 hours a day, sit about 1 hour a day and walk on my treadmill with the use of my TrekDesk for about 4 hours a day (10-12 mile a day). Those are mile that I would not have had the opportunity to walk if I was at my old job :) Seriously, the TrekDesk has changed my life!!!!! Thank you!
- RD (McMinnville, OR - Amazon 5 Stars)