IT WOULD BE VERY EASY TO MOVE IF NEEDING TO RUN ON THE TREADMILL! This desk is spacious and allows plenty of room for a keyboard, laptop, and external monitor. Because of the nature of my profession, I do not use it at my work office. However, as a home option it allows me to walk and work while on the phone, writing emails, or reading. I typically walk at a 1.6-1.9 mile/hour pace. I consider the "all in one" treadmill desks, but wanted the speed variability and monitor options of a separate treadmill. I use one cup holder as intended and the other for pens etc. It would be very easy to move if needing to run on the treadmill; however, I purchased a treadmill with a long deck and upright controls, so I do not find it bothersome to leave it in place. It requires a small amount of effort to reach the controls, but the payoff is well worth it as it has provided the opportunity to accomplish work while increasing fitness. If nothing else, I just plain feel better. If considering using this as a home office desk, it would likely provide the space needed. When trying to find a good height/fit, I find it to be easily adjustable (without removing monitor, etc). It is also sturdy and stable. I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone needing to move and work at the same time.
- JW (Midland, MI - Amazon 5 Stars)