ALMOST PERFECT! I've had this desk for a few years now in my home office, where I read online news, take care of emails, and run a part time small business. I have used a laptop, an iPad and now a full desktop computer. There's plenty of space on either side of the desk, however, the middle, where my computer and keyboard are, is a bit narrow. I find that I tend to kick/step on the front of the treadmill with both the desk and treadmill pushed up against the wall. At first I didn't have a treadmill, but used a wobble board, a mini stepper, or just stood. I recently added the LifeSpan treadmill. I've become comfortable working while walking at 2.5 mph, and regularily get in 5+ miles. This desk would get 5 stars if it had a lower shelf for the keyboard, and if the center of it was a bit deeper.
- LK (Edwards, CO - Amazon 4 Stars)