"I was skeptical at first and felt like I was looking for a life line when I decided to purchased the trekdesk a few months back. A rule in the house now is if you want to play on the computer or watch tv in our media room, you will be walking or running on the treadmill. This goes for the wife, kids and even me while I game on the laptop. I was logging in an average of 6.3 miles per day and was dropping in size at a nice constant rate. 13 Pounds for me so far and that is without changing my diet at all(which I know I will do after the results I have seen so far)." As an "early" adopter I have gotten more than a few laughs from friends and family but I still try to convince them that this is something that just makes sense.. A simple rule and a simple tool (no walking.. no tv..) will work wonders if it becomes a way of life. I am very close to getting my sister on board but we are trying to save up for the treadmill first for her. "
- TB (Londonderry, NH-Amazon.com 5 Stars)