THIS DESK IS BETTER THAN ADVERTISED! I work remotely from my home and was concerned about the 2 pound a year I was putting on with not eating any more than I usually do. At 54 years old, I knew the answer was to increase my exercise and speed up my metabolism. I purchased the TrekDesk and today is my first day using it. First let me say, I am a single girl and put the desk together by myself. I did look at the video one time to be sure I was placing the hinged support bracket in the correct direction. It took me about 45 minutes to put it together from start to finish!!! The directions are easy to follow and the pictures make it a very simple process to construct. I put it together in my living room (which has hardwood floors) and then took the support struts off to move the desk into my office and put it back together in less than 5 minutes. I set up my desk and have plenty of space for writing, opening a manual or spreading out papers. I have a printer, laptop and external monitor which I have sitting on top of the file tray. The external monitor is the perfect height for me now; I used to have it sitting on 3 reams of paper!! I don't have a treadmill yet and plan on buying one in the next few days. I am tall, 6', so the height of the desk on the lowest setting was perfect for me to stand at and work. I just marched in place throughout the day. I know this isn't as beneficial as using a treadmill, but I wanted to be sure I was pleased with the desk before I went to the expense of the treadmill. I move my office downstairs in the summer because it gets too warm upstairs for me to work there. I love that it is easy to remove two pieces from this large desk and the desk folds almost flat. It is heavy, but not too heavy; I know that in the fall I will be able to carry this up the stairs when I move my office for the winter. I can honestly say, this desk EXCEEDS MY EXPECTATION!! It is solid, sturdy, and spacious. I'm so looking forward to getting my treadmill so that I can use this desk to its full potential. I will write another post in two months to tell you how my weight loss is coming along. I believe you will love this desk when you get it and will not be disappointed.
- Joyce (Knoxville, TN - Amazon 5 Stars)