PERFECT FOR A BOSS WHO DOES NOT HAVE TIME TO WORKOUT! My boss has an "A" personality in a stressful job. Seriously does not have time to workout. He saw an all-in-one treadmill/desk for $5,000.00 and felt if he could workout and work at the same time he could get some exercise and lose some weight. I bought the TrekDesk and a separate treadmill for under $1,000.00 total! The TrekDesk was easy to assemble and because it is not connected to the treadmill, it does not shake. It is large enough to hold his laptop, second monitor, phone and tons of paper. He is averaging 1.0-2.0 miles an hour for two hours three times a week. A vast improvement over no exercise. Several associates from other firms have seen it in his office and wanted the information on the TrekDesk. Best thing my boss ever bought.
- AS (Beaumont, TX - Amazon 5 Stars)