BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE FOR MY HEALTH! I recently purchased a TrekDesk from someone who enjoyed the desk but was unable to keep it due to a relocation and I LOVE IT!! I have looked at them for several years and finally broke down and bought one- the best purchase I have ever made for my health. I am a physical therapist who over the years has moved from treating patients in my own clinic as well as clinics owned by my colleagues, to more of a management/electronic medical documentation software administration position. With this change came the drudgery of sitting at a desk 8+ hours per day. Needless to say, I needed to start treating myself as a patient for neck pain, back pain, buttock pain etc. (not to mention the troublesome expansion of my waistline despite working out 3+ times per week). The TrekDesk has allowed me to still be very productive in my job without sitting all day. I began using the TrekDesk 1 hour per day at first, then I progressed it to two hours and now I use it approximately 4 hours per day. The time on the treadmill passes by so quickly because I am busy with my work, but by the time I have worked on it for 4 hours at 1.8-2.0 mph, I can look down (without neck pain) and see that I burned 400-500 calories. The way I see it, I just negated the calorie intake from lunch!!! I have contacted TrekDesk directly with some questions and their customer service responded quickly and has been extremely helpful. I have recommended the TrekDesk to several of my coworkers who complain of the same pains and expanding waistline that I had. If I were still treating patients in a clinical setting, I would highly recommend the TrekDesk to help them be more active throughout the day as well!! -One Happy and Continuously Active Physical Therapist
- LM (Davison, MI - Amazon 5 Stars)