MY LEGS ARE LOVING IT! Happy with purchase. Item is well packaged, it arrived in excellent condition. Many screws to assemble unit. Preferably need use of a power drill. Easy to assemble, instructions are straight forward. The desk is sturdy and a great value for the price, specially if it comes with free delivery. I recommend this desk to all those who have the bad habit of sitting at a computer for hours on end. I was one of those and of course suffered poor blood circulation below the knees (due of course to sitting too long). My wife always complained that I had ice cold feet at night when crawling into bed. Well I'm happy to report that my condition has greatly improved since using the TrekDesk. I could sort of say that the TrekDesk saved our marriage, lol. Just kidding of course. Anyhow, all that said, it's a great investment in health. I get well over 10,000 to 20,000 steps per day that I would not have gotten otherwise.
- BB (Canada - Amazon 5 Stars)