A Writer's Dream Desk! Let's face it, If you have a sit-down job, you're prone to an unhealthy future for your body. As a professional ghostwriter of books as a full time job ( https://WriterServices.net ), I could easily fall into this category. I do make it to the gym fairly often, but not enough to reach the level of fitness that I desire. Mainly, ie challenge is in the mid-section. The TrekDesk is a dream come true for "office chair worriers" such as myself who sit most of the day, week in, week out. Why do I think so? Because this clever concept desk allows me to write while maintaining an ideal fat-burning pace, for as long as I please. As an entrepreneur, this is incredible because I don't have to deal with the guilt trip I take every time I pry myself away from my keyboard to go workout. I can work out while I work! Every once in a while, someone does some real thinking, and they produce an excellent solution that can really enhance the lives of others. I am so excited about this product that it might come off as though I were planting this review for the company. But they don't know me from Adam. I just want to thank them for being so revolutionary with their ideas. The TrekDesk is strong, stable and with the adjustable features, was easy to fit it to me existing treadmill (which I Never used before I had gotten this desk. If you're wondering whether you can type while walking, I wondered that too. But rest assured, it is very easy, and I had no learns curve in developing some new technique. Right from the start, I was able to type, make phone calls (except when I needed to speak in a quiet environment or professionally), meet with other workers and so forth. The concept works. It's a realistic invention, one that I didn't find myself putting aside after the newness wore off. I've had it for a number of months now and still love it and use it. I also have a regular desk, which I recommend you have as well. Tis gives me the choice of "trekking" as much or as little as I wish to. This is one of the smartest products I've ever purchased.
- RN (Amazon 5 Stars)