I am an American and have been living overseas for around 17 years. I work from home. A few years ago I read John Medina's 'Brain Rules'. The first thing he talks about is exercise. At the time, the only treadmill desk I could find was $4,000. I the interim, I tried various versions of standing desks, but my attempts were not great. My family got FitBits this summer. We are all working on the 10,000 steps a day. (Actually, I am at 11,000 because I don't have stairs, which the FitBit also keeps track of.) I was looking again for desks and came across the TrekDesk. Because Amazon.com did shipping on it instead of the freight forwarding service I usually use, I could justify it. After buying a relatively cheap (here) treadmill, the cost was around $1,400. I start with my full time work schedule on Sunday. I teach piano lessons, and obviously won't be able to do that from the desk, but the desktop publishing at the desk will be really helpful. Currently the desk is in the middle of our living room. I teach and have around 100 people in and out of the house every week. There have been lots of positive comments, though my husband would like it out of the way of the TV:-)
- SL (Saudi Arabia - Facebook Mail)