GREAT PRICE, GREAT COMPANY! I bought this the first day is was available on had been waiting for it to be available so that I didn't have to pay shipping from the states to Canada.... They increased the price to cover their extra customs charges and I was fine with that....still MUCH cheaper than shipping from US. BUT....I got an email a few days after my purchase that they were going to refund me $70 because they changed their mind about the increased price!!!! I have never ever heard of a company doing this - they won my loyalty and I will recommend a TrekDesk without hesitation.... I am currently walking at 1.5mph while I type this. after only 58 minutes I have burned 183 calories that I otherwise never would have if I was just sitting at my's a no brainer! If you have a desk job - make it a TrekDesk job!!!!
- KM (Alberta, CA - Amazon 5 Stars)