THE CURE FOR PROCASTINATION! My Trekdesk is the only exercise plan that has worked for me. I have always had good intentions about working out and exercising more but I am also a very good procrastinator. The gym memberships have never worked for me. Like a lot of people it was way too easy just to pay the monthly bill and tell myself I would start to go on a regular basis the next month. The elliptical machine and treadmill currently collecting dust in my basement have never seen regular use by me. My yoga mats, exercise balls, and other miscellaneous equipment do a great job of keeping the elliptical company. My job at a local university also gave me free access to the Rec Center with a pool, treadmills, weight room and various classes. Even this great perk could not inspire me to make my way across campus to the facility. Fortunately for me the university purchased a walking work station for a newly completed building. Anyone could sign up to use it but you needed to bring your own laptop. I tried it out and loved it but again I was faced with walking across campus and also being away from my office. I started investigating the different types of walking workstations available. The one that I used at the university retails for about $3500 which is way more than I wanted to spend. The Trekdesk was a great alternative since I already owned a treadmill. My husband helped me move the treadmill to my office one weekend and set up the Trekdesk over it. I have Dell laptop with a docking station and monitor. This was perfect since it allowed me to undock my laptop and meet with colleagues at my desk in an instant. If you have a job where you sit at a computer then you know how it feels to sit all day and go home feeling tired. Walking on the Trekdesk has changed all of that for me. I have more energy and strength now and go home feeling like I can be productive in the evening. I did not start walking all day in the beginning. I would walk, then stand, then walk again. This let me build up my stamina. Walking also helps with keeping me focused on the task at hand. I am not a picture of health to begin with as I have had back surgery, a multi-level cervical fusion, and fibromyalgia. Slow walking is something I can do on a regular basis with hurting or over-exerting myself. But the thing that keeps me honest and on track is that every day when I go to work my Trekdesk is there waiting for me and I now automatically just hop on and start to work. The more I walk the better I feel and do not have to spend time going to a gym or making excuses to myself.
- Leslie (Highland Heights, KY - Amazon 5 Stars)